Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet (TED talk)

Snowden is a curious guy – he seems eminently relaxed about his situation, despite admitting governments are keen to see him killed. He doesn’t seem crazy, deranged, or desperate for attention. This makes it even more alarming, that perhaps what he is saying is entirely true, and we really have slipped closer towards a 1984-style nightmare.

For those who wonder what the fuss is, if you haven’t done anything wrong, does it matter that the government checks what you’re doing, his response is: you’re giving up your rights, and you never know when you might need them. Just because you feel secure now, one day you may need those rights to privacy, and it will be too late, you have already been violated by the state.

Snowden suggests that corporations can help to improve things: all internet companies should support SSL browsing by default, even if the user does not explicitly ask for it. Example is browsing a book on Amazon – today, every intelligence organization can track that activity. He talks about his revelations as a project, and says that only a small amount of the documents he has have been released, with many more important revelations to come.

(Part of TED a day for June)


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