Hey. In a nutshell:

Tim Woods. I live Southampton, UK – but work mostly in Bonn Germany for a software company called HYPE Innovation. We make software for innovation management and crowdsourcing. I run the Marketing department, and work with the leadership team on making the company as awesome as can be.

Previously, I spent nearly a decade at Imaginatik, where I ran (or had some sense of responsibility) for the software development team. I joined when it was a startup. I did a lot of coding – not always good. Even earlier than that, I spent some time at IBM, doing software stuff, and a bit of SAP.

This blog is mostly about books, articles, and other sources of information which are related to helping you improve as an individual.


Find me on Twitter: @woodsey

Or on LinkedIn (some more serious blog posts related to innovation over there)

I’m also editor and contributor to HYPE’s Innovation blog (again, a little more serious)

I run a podcast called The Innovator’s Book Club – each month we read and review a book on Innovation. It’s on soundcloud below, and also on the iTunes podcast directory.


I’ve got an old podcast with @cliftwalker where we review and discuss the best business books, you can catch it here: PlugTheVoid.com. You can check out the podcast on iTunes. It’s also available on SoundCloud. This podcast is a bit out of date now, but I’m sure we will get back to it one day and revive the idea.

WoodsNotes.com blog is where I make notes and capture snippets of things that interest me.

Email me at timjameswoods@gmail.com


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