Hi, I’m Tim Woods.

Since 2001, I’ve spent my career working in the innovation management space, in various roles such as software developer, product manager, and VP of Marketing.

From 2011-2017 I worked from Bonn Germany for innovation management software vendor HYPE Innovation. Originally as a product manager, but later as the head of the marketing department.

Previously, from 2001 to 2011, I worked at Imaginatik, where I ran the software development team. I joined when it was a startup, working alongside the founder Mark Turrell. Even earlier than Imaginatik, I spent some time at IBM, doing software stuff, and a bit of SAP.

Today, I work as Product Director at Patsnap, based in London.

This blog is mostly about innovation, product management, and books. But, also sometimes productivity, UX, software, and leadership.


For a while, I ran a podcast called The Innovator’s Book Club – each month we read and reviewed a book on Innovation. It’s on soundcloud, and also on the iTunes podcast directory. Sadly, the account billing has lapsed and only 3 episodes are now available it seems.

Connect: @woodsey | LinkedIn | timjameswoods@gmail.com



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