Magazines Read in 2014

I read less books last year than I normally do – which felt a bit disappointing – but it was largely because I spent so much time reading magazines (a magazine resurgence!) and listening to an ever increasing amount of great podcasts. So here’s the magazines I read regularly in 2014.

The Economist

Hands down one of the best magazines available. Every week they produce a staggering amount of superb content, ranging from politics, to science, to technology. It’s a challenge to get through a whole one, and usually just picking bits and pieces is enough. If you could only read one magazine, this would be the best overall choice. More »


Clay Shirky on Journalism and Print Media

I don’t know if journalism is really a dying art. People still want (and need) good quality journalism, but perhaps its forms are taking broader shapes, and mixing with other types of news and art forms. The rise of high quality documentaries for example. But certainly the traditional print newspaper is doomed.

Clay Shirky writes about┬áthis certain demise over at The Medium. I picked out a few quotes which I thought were constructive for progress:Read More »