The A-Z of best ever movies (a great pub game)

I’ve played this game a few times, and it’s more epic than you might at first think. The list below took about five hours to create in a Boston seafront bar – we finally finished and settled on this around 2am.

So here’s how it works. You run through from A-Z, and choose the ultimate best movie starting with each letter. Some letters are easy, a lot of people will agree on Blade Runner for B. But some are really tough – we couldn’t find anything great for Q, X, and Y, and the films we put for those don’t really deserve a place on a top 26 list (Q looks utterly awful to me). But that’s the challenge.Read More »


How to add The Great Courses video downloads to your iPad

The Great Courses is well, great. Except for one thing – you can’t easily download the lecture videos to your iPad from the website or the iPad App, you can only stream them from there. This is a bit of an oversight, since the iPad App is very useful, but you’re likely to be travelling when wanting to use it, and have no connection to stream the lectures. So instead you need to download the lectures, then get them added to iTunes, then sync to your iPad. Here’s how it works for me (this is Windows, but Mac should be same):Read More »