Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug

dont make me think coverA quick search on Amazon reveals around 6,500 books on usability. Back in 2000, when Krug first released Don’t Make Me Think, I’m pretty sure it was nowhere near this. Since then the idea of making software – particularly websites, web apps, and mobile apps – highly tuned for user experience, has become commonplace and a source of competitive advantage. We have a lot to thank Apple for in that sense; delighting the user has become a rich pursuit.

Although, usability has always been about the same basic things, and it shows in this updated third edition of Krug’s classic work. Not much has changed in his advice, the core lessons are all the same, just some of the examples now reference Facebook and YouTube. He’s also added a chapter specifically on mobile, but even that makes constant reference to the general principles laid down before.Read More »